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Welcome to my Web

Hi! I'm Len Jones and this is my personal web site at

I was born in Liverpool, England in 1942. The Second World War was on at the time, but I don't remember it. Liverpool was badly bombed during the blitz, but the enemy planes were targeting the docks, some four miles away. Out in Mosley Hill, we were pretty safe.

In the early years of the century, my father's family had emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but they returned to Liverpool on the day the First World War broke out. My father was called up in the last year of that war, but by then they had stopped sending raw recruits to the front. Instead he was sent to Ireland to help police the country after the failed Easter revolution.

Heyworth County Primay School Heyworth Street School FrontEventually, my father became a teacher, ending his career as the headmaster of Heyworth County Primary School in Everton. It was not the most salubrious part of the city as you can see from the photos taken in 1967, the year after he retired. The big picture was taken from the back of Heyworth St. School and the small one shows the front. Since then the school has been demolished and the area is now a grassy park.

My secondary school was the Liverpool Institute. McCartney and HarrisonIts two most famous old boys are Paul McCartney and George Harrison of Beatles' fame. I was in the same year as McCartney and a year ahead of Harrison. We were on nodding acquaintance, but not close friends. A personal recollection of the pair seems de rigeur here.

Liverpool has a fleet of double-decker busses painted in British Racing Green. I remember sitting on the top deck of the N°4 bus going home from school one day: I must have been about 16. At the bus-stop at the end of Penny Lane there is a ghastly edifice, which was erected in the days of trams (streetcars, for those to the left of the pond).Penny Lany Terminus It is on a roundabout (traffic circle) so the trams could turn round and return to the city. From my elevated position, I looked out-and-over the bus shelter and saw McCartney, Harrison, and a third boy who I've never identified. They'd obviously been sagging off school (playing hookey). On seeing my bus, they made a beeline to get on it, so they could return home at their normally scheduled time, and not arouse adult suspicions. However, McCartney, as he ran, turned and waved to a nurse, who like the song said, had been selling poppies from a tray. She in turn waved and gave him an absolutely dazzling smile. I can't remember if the nurse was pretty, but in her red and white uniform she was certainly picturesque, and the smile she gave McCartney was one that would knock your socks off. I had a slight pang of jealously.